We believe in the power of business, community, and educational development to bring people together as outreach partners.

How we do it?

Our outreach partners and business, customers, and educational community help to connect and tap into shared passions to provide a helping hand and create meaningful opportunities that can strengthen individuals and our communities. Our people are committed to our community success, focused on helping them achieve essential advantage.

We are collaborative, yet we challenge conventional assumptions and raise the big questions that need answers. Promise House see the need and we are unafraid to try and do something about it. By doing that, we work with community to develop the practical strategies, and programs to meet the needs at hand.

  • We promote a culture of open communications.
  • We embrece feedback.
  • We streamline our social media marketing efforts.
  • We analyze our partners processes
  • We set achievable goals.

Why we do it?

We care about rural county development, job creation, business development and Chesterfield County families’ success. We measure ourselves by our success and particularly by the impact we together will achieve in this beautiful market place.

A core principle for all of our communities’ partnership is that professionals who share best practices and lessons learned are best-prepared for the future and benefit the most from the rapid changes in business community.


mouths feed


hearts touched




years of experience

How we got started

Throughout the 12 years, our partnership and customers dedicate their time and energy to create positive change in their local neighborhoods. Service projects vary in size and focus. We encourage partners to lead and participate in projects that align to our commitment to disconnected young people. We believe the impact of service is on both the community and those volunteering. For the volunteer, service fosters increased empathy and connection.

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