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Chesterfield County

The best place on earth!

It is the mission of Chesterfield County Council to improve the overall quality of life for our citizens by fostering a climate that is progressive in social, educational, and economic opportunities while keeping the safety of our citizens and protection of the environment first and foremost. We stand behind the council and the county.

Chesterfield County Schools

Let them grow, let them learn, but believe and support them

Chesterfield County School District serves approximately 7,367 students in seventeen schools. The district configuration includes two primary schools, seven elementary schools, three middle schools, four high schools and one alternative school.


Rural Development Is key to our success.

We support Rural Development, because it is the key to the success to family. Promise House will focus on the design of sustainable programs development, support by program development from the community, and education. All will include the promotion of farm, and non-farm activities, plus we will work together with the county to strengthening of support to the local government, educational insttitutions, and bring investment partnership together for the better of the community.

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